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Cloud Hosting

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?


  • 2X faster load times - Turbocharge your website with a cloud hosting server!
  • Serve your website content with lightning-fast cloud hosting services which are backed by premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers.
  • Pre-integrated Nginx(US)/Varnish(IN) Caching to deliver the best performance for your website
  • One-click upgrade of your website as your business grows
  • The best choice for resource intensive applications.
  • Traffic spikes? No problem. Ramp up your sales with zero service interruption!
  • View your website's performance with ease.
  • Hit the ground running with simple yet powerful dashboard tools from one of the best cloud hosting providers! Get a quick view of usage trends, page speed, uptime, global reach, and lots more.
  • Optimal resource management compared to competition.

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