Benefits & Features of Touchless Mobile Attendance App

Mar 26, 2022

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It is a very old saying- necessity is mother of Invention. The prevailing situation in past years had forced organizations to think about remote work & work from home. With this a new issue occurred of attendance management and time management. To solve the issue, many companies came with solution of contactless mobile attendance app as the smart phones are baseline of every work & sector now a days. It became a vital solution to reduce workplace contamination & automated process. Free of touching attendance machines or sign in register is now old school things replaced by technology driven Mobile Attendance App. 

A cloud-based touchless attendance system provides various benefits as consistency, cost optimization, and accessibility across several platforms and devices.

Customized Touchless Mobile Attendance App Development by Paramount

Unlike fixed parameters & solutions of attendance app by tech companies, Paramount came up with custom solution of Touchless Mobile Attendance App useful for various organizations. The Touchless Mobile Attendance APP is intended to use by users to mark in, mark out their attendance with record of movement. This App offers the surest way of Attendance with capturing selfie & exact location by measuring geo coordinates.

  • Selfie Based Attendance: Track in 4 ways with User ID + Time + Selfie + Location

  • Touchless & Contactless Attendance for "Work from Home". Time In & Time Out anytime, anywhere.

  • Movement Register: Track employee visits address & time remotely. 

  • Notification for birthday, special occasion or sent by HR.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Attendance App for Organizations

  • Easy to manage each & different field employee attendance

  • Get live location tracking along with client location details

  • Eliminates use of manual paperwork for attendance marking and monitoring

  • Very effective Digital Solution in present consequences of Work from Home facility or Remote Attendance Monitoring

  • Auto captures time Spend

  • Provides visibility across multiple organizational departments allowing team to work seamlessly while location remains agnostic

  • Rapid Deployment at scale (500-10000 users) across a hybrid workforce

  • Drives collaboration, efficiency and transparency within organization in spite or remote work distribution

  • Save Time in comparison to manual attendance calculation

  • Less chance of error as it minimizes the fear of missing any important input

  • Works as Employee Self-Service Portal where employees can check upcoming holidays, manage their leave with integrated office CRM with keeping a check on their work hours.

Features of Mobile Attendance App

1) Touchless Attendance System- Say goodbye to old school attendance system, organizations rock with the Contactless digital attendance system with less marginal error.

2) Automated Time Capturing- Real Time monitoring with automatic time Capture and inputs.

3) Accuracy with Geofencing feature- Optimized with geofencing & location virtual boundaries & set parameters of radius and address, attendance results are more accurate. It records the exact time of in and out from the Organization within the virtual boundary. With Custom development, there can be multiple custom fencing at one or more location.

4) GPS based Attendance- One of the most important features that allows employees to check in and check out in predefined locations. The locations can be branch offices, customer sites, employee residences (Work From home). Each location is defined with GPS Coordinates and radius by Admin or HR. For field employees especially sales and service teams should have the option to check in and check out from any new location.

5) Selfie System enables the transparent process- With Face authentication feature, verification get done on every login and logout. It puts a break on any malpractices from the employees.

6) Live Status Report- Supervisors can view the live status of their team members who had check-in / check-out from various locations. The report can help to know the current status of how many employees are IN/OUT/NO PUNCH across various locations.

7) Daily Attendance Status- Employees can see their daily attendance status. It can be easily use to complete the work hour for full day, half day. The feature is beneficial for HR to count Late comings, early going, absent and present.

8) Notification System- Daily attendance mark in and mark out notification will receive by employee on fixed time. Birthday wishes or festival wishes can be sent through the App to employees fed by admin. Any special or urgent communication can be pass on through the app to multiple locations at one time.

9) Holidays List- Employees can see the upcoming holidays of current year. 

10) Sync with HR portal- The app can be easily synced with HR portal or Office CRM to ease the work process.

11) Attendance Rules- Paramount Attendance App lets HR to set the attendance rules easily in a simple & customizable format. Roll out the rule to workforce of different departments is also very easy. HR can avail benefits as 

• Defining Total Working Hours 

• Late coming & early going deductions & adjustments

• Overtime and complimentary off Calculation

• Dynamic and rotational Shift allocation to employees

• Accurate Incentive Calculation

12) iOS & Android App- The attendance App can be easily installed with Android/iOS smartphones.

13) Real-Time Syncing- With real time sync feature, data get stored on cloud server that ensures minimal down time. It helps in control & authenticate the attendance punch made by employees.

14) Reduced Expenses- Great to reduce the expenses biometric & other hardware’s purchase & maintenance with no fear of machine failure.

15) Seamless Integration- Central control with seamless integration features of App.

Mobile Attendance App Features

Custom Features of Mobile Attendance App

Multi Shift Management

The App developed will be compatible with varied work Shifts and log in timings for different grade of employees. With Multi Shift Creation feature, you can easily create a location for Geo-fencing, create shifts and add employees to different locations & shifts as per your Company’s HR policy.

Data Linking Between App and HR Payroll

The Data registered on the App will be pushed to HR payroll system through API.

Final Thoughts

Digital World is rapidly replacing manual work that benefits in reducing error & improve productivity. Build a Hygienic environment with mobile-driven touchless attendance app solution that can be an ideal complement to your company’s employee management system. 

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