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26 Nov , 2021

Getting people to visit your e-Commerce website is always good, yet interpreting these snaps into deals is even better. With regards to advancing your e-Commerce website, making traffic is consistently significant. Regardless of whether you have the best e-Commerce web hosting plan for your site, assuming you are not transforming these snaps into deals, then, at that point, it very well may be a big issue for your web-based business.

Nowadays, e-Commerce sites are using readymade e-Commerce software solutions. They have all the vital features needed to become fully functional. A lot of businesses have established online stores to capture big markets. Using e-Commerce solutions, online organizations not just set their website very quickly, but they also have at their disposal the right tools and marketing help built-in.

Want to build your website that looks and functions like the best e-Commerce site on the internet? All you need is the top e-Commerce Web Development Company in Delhi to help you build, market, and manage your online store. With a few clicks, your store will be up and running very quickly.

The simplest method for making your web-based endeavor the best e-Commerce site is to wear your client's shoes and ask yourself what features they would be searching for.

Let’s have a look at a list of must-have features that attract online shoppers.

USER-FRIENDLY: Simplicity should be an objective in the best design, and to accomplish it, you don’t want to sacrifice elegance. As per 76% of consumers, the essential element of a site is usability. To make your e-Commerce site easy to understand, further develop search usefulness with an auto-complete choice, make viable visual route, and pre-populate structures.

SMOOTH NAVIGATION: Smooth navigation turns into productivity. Easy connectivity with related product or pages lead to a happy customer. Structured categories and sections make browsing easier for the products, specifications they are looking for. A well designed and responsive e-commerce website is also loved by search engine crawlers and good for getting in searches easily.

MOBILE-FRIENDLY: To be a part of the race, your e-Commerce online store must be mobile-friendly. These days, clients prefer shopping utilizing their cell phones. Hence the vast portion of the profit is acquired from mobile users. By executing different strategies or techniques, you can increase customer loyalty. It doesn't make any difference that how many product pages you have, creating a mobile-friendly experience for your shoppers will improve sales and possibly your rankings.

PRODUCT REVIEWS: Clients who have bought and supported your items can give a genuine review of the products. Product reviews are always useful in empowering the clients in making their decision regarding the purchase of the product. An e-Commerce Website Development Company in India gives a component of product reviews to grab the attention of other potential clients who want to purchase items from your website. These reviews increase the sales of your web-based store. Thus, product review is a must-have feature of an e-Commerce website.

PRODUCT WISH LISTS: While looking for something, clients observe numerous items they are in love with. A provision that allows clients to save products that they need to view and buy later is vital. The wish list feature is the ideal method for persuading clients to visit the store and purchase the items. It also helps in estimating the interest of various clients for their items. It is an opportunity to impart a brand to new purchasers. At this point, when clients share a list with their friends or family, it sends free traffic with built-in social proof to a website.

ADVANCE PAYMENT OPTIONS: The decision of an online payment option varies from one client to another. A few clients are inclined toward making a payment through a debit/credit card or internet banking facility, whereas others opt for well-known online payment options such as PayPal and digital wallets. Hence, you need to ensure that every customer can make payment with any payment option. Also, you need to keep the financial transactions and online payment options of customers secure by using reliable payment getaways and the latest encryption strategies or techniques. If your website has limited payment options, make a point to clarify why.

DESIGN: To impress and engage visitors effectively, you also need to focus on the design or user interface of the e-Commerce website. Unlike established brands, you need to explore ways to acquire the trust and confidence of visitors. Hence, you need to include numerous elements in the website design – logo, product options, special offers, security features, product review and testimonials, and call to action. Also, you need to ensure that look and feel of the e-Commerce website are sufficiently natural to keep the purchase interaction basic.

SOCIAL PROOF: To intrigue the clients, you want to remember a social component for the e-Commerce site. The users should have a choice to share their items from online stores through social networks. Also, it helps to promote your e-Commerce website and enhance its popularity. You can also use this feature as an efficient tool to assemble data about clients and track their behavior. Brands and online dealers that interface with the purchasers on an enthusiastic level make brand trust and support. The Social connection is an opportunity to bond with an audience is easier now than ever.

QUICK SEARCH FEATURE: Website must be compatible with responsive & quick search box. It should give relevant suggestions matching to query or display exact result they are searching for.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: Dealing with new products, own brand products or even with famous with branded products, it must have elaborated product descriptions. Try to avoid copy and paste from another sites, use a relevant and genuine product description that build a trust.

During the e-Commerce website development, you want to evaluate every fundamental viewpoint – execution, security, UI, plan, usefulness, client experience, and ease of use to make it well known within a brief time frame. However, it is vital to update your e-Commerce site to meet the emerging technologies, customer preferences, and industry trends. For an encompassing website’s frond-end, your back end preparation must be updated, quick and technology oriented. Some must be features of e-commerce website development are mentioned below:

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Your web platform is ready but facing difficulties to update or showcase any product. It can be biggest failure of e-commerce web platform. There should be easy page and content management system with creation of new pages, uploading any size of image, image editing option, SEO customization options.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: New customers as well as existing customers are very vital for e-commerce business. So the admin panel must be feature with easy customer search and manage customer accounts. From notifications to wallet balance, password reset to order history should be viewable in one click.

ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Visitors don’t return back if your site will respond slow to their query or order execution. They should meet with all preferences and matching products criteria. System should be quick responsive to sort orders easily by specific variables, view order number, order information, order status and shipping information.

STATITICS MANAGEMENT: What you are getting from e-commerce business? It will be an unknown figure without right reporting tool and statistics features. An attractive stats dashboard must include data as store sales, current orders, top selling brands, inventory reports, customer count, lifetime orders, lifetime revenue etc (depends on your business nature).


A platform that gives all the mentioned features can be an ideal fit for all your e-Commerce needs and helps you in making an undeniable online store. Make the right choice in selecting the best Website Development Company in India to make a site that can build customer trust, bring better deals and benefits.

No matter which category you're in, e-Commerce websites have a chance to utilize proven highlights mixed with imaginative new components to make fantastic shopping experiences.


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Priya Sinha 17 Nov 2022

Thanks for the post, nice information about the features of eCommerce website development. We have been developing websites and software’s from a long time, it is really helpful. I recommend it to others.

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