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Online Food Delivery Web portal and mobile app features

12 Mar , 2021

Indians are very fond of different variety of food as south Indian, north Indian, Italian, Thai, Street foods etc. We also want access to best taste of that from the best outlet. But it’s not possible to travel always for taste of food to anywhere, anytime. So it’s very emerging trend to order food online with same taste and favorite outlet.

In era of entrepreneurs and startups online food delivery web portal can help you to setup your business or boost your business to some another level. Benefits of food delivery app are numerous:

  •  Increase target customers

  •  Can focus on area wise customers

  •  Can offer your specialty and promo offers

  •  Reach your customers with special offers or festive discounts

  •  Create a brand name

You can have a question in mind, why to spend much on custom app or portal development? When there are many quick start solutions are available. Our answer is, Customized solutions and design will keep apart you in business. Our custom website development will yield a responsive, scalable and unique website with features integrated liked by you. There are various technical and marketing aspects behind development of a web portal. A good web portal/mobile app must have following features:

  •  User Friendly

  •  Responsive

  •  Attractive UI

  •  SEO friendly

  •  Proper Navigation

  •  Easy payment options

The food delivery web portal has three main integrations:

  • 1) Admin panel/admin app

  • 2) Mobile app (Android and iOS)

  • 3) Mobile app for delivery person

Features of Online Food Delivery Web portal/Admin Panel

This is the initial setup of business where admin can accept order, mange users and set the prices and margins.


  •  Registration and Profile management

  •  Registration feature of different restaurants

  •  Order assigning

  •  Dashboard to view order placed, deliveries and payment

  •  Managing the Order

  •  User friendly interface, clean and uncluttered UI

  •  Powerful and flexible CMS that will allow admin to update frequently

  •  Support on multiple platforms including website, iOS, Android

  •  Responsive design

  •  Google Maps integration to help users and restaurants keep track of their deliveries

  •  Payment gateway integration

  •  Push e-mail and SMS notifications on order receiving, order confirmation, order dispatch and order delivery

  •  Search bar with advanced filters based on city, cuisine, price and restaurants to help them narrow down on options they are searching for.

  •  Social media Integration

  •  Security features

  •  User rating, Reviews

  •  User friendly check out process

  •  Sales report

  •  Revenue Statistics

Features of Online Food Delivery App

This is the business end of the food delivery application which will be used by user/customer


  •  Easy Registration

  •  Search food and restaurant

  •  Add selected food to the cart (Easy order placement)

  •  Delivery person Contact information to customer

  •  Real Time GPS tracking of food Delivery

  •  Easy payment options

  •  Social Media Integration

  •  Reviews and ratings

  •  Push notification

Features of Online Food Delivery App

This will be third important part of food delivery application that will be used by delivery person.


  •  Easy Registration and editing the profile of delivery person

  •  Mange order (view order placed and details)

  •  Navigation and GPS tracking

  •  Status update of order (in progress, delivered, delayed, cancelled)

  •  Delivery history

Food Delivery Process mechanism

Online Process



Offline Process



Intermediate Process



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