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Rental Business Website Development types and features

02 Apr , 2021

If you are looking to start your rental business or expand your rental business to digital world then you must know the essential features for rental business website development. With a right web portal you can reach your target audience in a better way. Your website showcases your brand and offerings.

Need of rental business Web portal

World is dynamic and people prefer new things and trending style to hire/buy to follow their passion or interest they opt for renting different things as furniture, car on rent, medical devices or electronic gadgets.

At Professional front people also go for heavy equipments rental, office space rental and many other.

Key features of Rental Web Portal

  • Simplified Categories for product browsing and search

  • Eye catching web appearance

  • SEO friendly website

  • Seamless navigation

  • Secure Payment Gateways

  • Various filters for most relevant results

  • Wish list and cart

  • Order management system for web portal that allows admin to track all the orders, their details related to processing, delivery and fulfillment.

  • Chat facility

  • Notifications and alerts

  • Offline Shipping Management (SMS/E-mail confirmation to customer)

Build Your Rental business Web portal with Professional Web Design and Development Company

Custom web development provides various options to include custom features as you wish. We are presenting here some basic feature that must be integrated within rental web portal for startup your online business.

Visitor Features

  • View Home Banners or Slide Show Gallery

  • Browse Products category wise

  • Best offer view

  • Recent Search will be visible on customer’s device till browser history cleanup

  • View Product Details

  • Become a Member through Registration process
    1) Login with Google/ Facebook
    2) Email or mobile verification
    3) After successful registration confirmation received through SMS & Email

  • Place order to rent Products

  • Manage Own account/ Product tracking

  • After Product Delivery SMS notification to customer for rating

User Panel

  • Login to portal

  • Manage Account

  • Profile management

  • Order management

  • Product Tracking

  • Product Review and rating system

  • Rent Product

  • Logout

Admin Panel

  • Login Panel

  • Dashboard

  • Administrator User Management

  • Site Member(Customer) Management

  • Product Management

  • Price Chart Management

  • Ad Management

  • Coupon Management

  • Banner Management

  • Order Management that allows admin to track all the orders, their details related to processing, delivery and fulfillment.

  • Offline Shipping Management (SMS/E-mail confirmation to customer)


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Nice Blog

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awesome blog this types of blogs is needed so much fascinating i appreciate this

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