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How to create an effective SEO strategy: A Detailed Guide

17 Jun , 2021

SEO is one of the marketing techniques that work steadily but yield quality results. It is a method used to improve rank placements on Search engine results pages (SERP). It comprises of three techniques: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

SEO doesn’t remain as similar as it was a decade ago. Search engine algorithms and updates have changed it to a great extent. So, digital marketers have to understand the effective SEO strategy for good and stable results.

Good SEO strategy improves the website’s rank on search engine pages as well as boosts organic traffic and conversions. You will find lots of SEO guides overwhelming the internet with their strategies and SEO implementation lessons. To find the correct one seems quite difficult sometimes. Here we are with some proven SEO strategies that can derive optimal results for your webpage.

Digital marketing companies perform SEO for different niche, so they have to plan accordingly. But 80% of strategies math for every niche, just work on another part for different sector of clients.

A guide to building an impactful SEO strategy

  1. Do extensive Research- Any plan execution needs good research to get success in that domain. So the beginning of SEO strategy begins with keyword research which can be executed by proven keyword search tools. You can just type in the Google search field for related search queries or long-tail keywords. Pick from suggestions and do a depth analysis for its search volume and competitive level.

As for example, when we type “seo company in Delhi”, there are various results appears in thread as best seo company, seo company India, best seo services in Delhi NCR etc. All are good keywords searched by people but they vary with search volumes and difficulty level.

You can try to opt long-tail keywords that are with low search volume but can attract good traffic on your page.

Another research should be done for your target audience that can belong to diversified fields.

2. Optimize content- To stay ahead of your competitors, optimize your content very strategically. Content should satisfy the search intent of the audience. So use keywords and related phrases in a natural way that is able to communicate with the reader. It should be understandable language with required technical information. Present the benefits of your services or products in a smart way.

Here, the key step is to enhance user experience with rich content matching to their search intent. For example, if someone is searching for India tour and they get forwarded to international tour page, visitor will get hurt and impact will be hike in bounce rate. Bots of search engines are smarter, so they crawl through content too matching with keyword searched.

New technology trends are coming every year. Your content should be optimized in a smart way to get adapted with new updates as voice search. An increasing trend of voice search has been noticed from user search behaviour data. So optimize tour content as per voice search too. If you will think practically voice search query will be lengthier than typing queries. So try to include relevant long tail queries and create content.

3. Focus on Headlines selection-

Catchy headline acts as first impression on user’s mind. It can take your extra effort to choose attractive headline in limited character (50-60).

You need to analyze impact of keywords and content ideas that can spark interest.

4. Audit Your site’s existing content-

Must audit your existing site content and keep relevant one, update off the topic or meaningless content and delete duplicate content. Focus your efforts on meeting goals and give regular time to audit the content.

5. Focus on website structure and its responsiveness-

You must have heard of- Website should be SEO-friendly which completely means with website structure and its appearance in front of users. You can consider all these points at the time of the technical audit of the website. Get it fixed with the developers/designer team before beginning SEO. There are several factors of clean website structure as Internal links, external links, image alt tag, text links, clear hierarchy. The organized and clear presentation will not annoy the user. If you want to include an external editorial link, research it well.

6. Don’t Ignore Technical SEO points-

As per digital marketing experts, you must know about the jargons of technical SEO and must implement them in your website before SEO.

  • Check for any 404 error pages
  • Check canonical tags
  • H1/H2 tags
  • Sitemap and robots file update
  • Page title and meta descriptions
  • Fix duplicate content issues if any
  • Alt image and internal links with related pages
  • Don’t use unnecessary keyword stuffing
  • Improve page speed- Page speed plays a key role in ranking It depends on Your DNS provider, internal coding, HTML files and image sizes.
  • Must install SSL for your website that implies opening your web link with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Contact SEO experts for technical SEO and audit

7. Analyze your analytical data and competitors pattern-

Analytics data can be tricky but you have to make them friends to better understanding traffic on the website. Regular study of analytics will lead you to give some improvements in your strategy and match with current updates. You can use several tools like MOZ, Semrush, or Aherfs to study competitor’s niche and trending keywords. Watch your current benchmark performance across organic visibility and keyword ranking positions.

8. Increase Social Connectivity-

To acquire organic traffic and inbound links on your website, try to increase social connectivity with regular posts on social platforms. Your regular updates can click user’s mind to reach you sometime when they need. A social engagement doesn’t mean to post beyond your business niche. It is posting attractive and illustrative images, videos or event updates going in your business. You can create polls or answer user’s questions to create your brand value up.

Best SMO plans for social media marketing

9. Link-Building-

Again it’s social connectivity but in a different manner. Search engines are flooded with millions of submissions. So to gain the top positions, you have to differentiate and spread your social umbrella to reach more and more. You can earn organic links through engaging and informative blogs. Search engines prioritize those websites with more linking domains with good Domain authority. So create a link-building strategy to acquire potential traffic and quality backlinks.

Some proven Link building strategies are Guest post submission, relevant answers on question-answer forums, Creative Infographics submission

10. Consider three important elements: Timeframe, budget and resources

Learn all the constraints on the way of good SEO: limited timeframe, limited budget, and restricted resources can hinder you to plan a full-fledged SEO strategy. So look at your current plans and goals ahead to create a realistic strategy.


Concluding Thoughts

From this detailed SEO guide, you can understand the intent of SEO is to enhance user experience. Users will get engage with your page or website through informative content, unique images, and clean structure. Continue your SEO implementation techniques with good SEO strategies and the latest SEO trends to obtain an optimal result!


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Ananya 19 Jun 2021

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Matilda Holloway 09 Mar 2022

Thanks for sharing this SEO strategy. It's very useful and informative article. Keep on posting!

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Arvind Arivazhagan 17 Apr 2022

A very informative and well-written article. Are breadcrumbs really a great addition to a website to improve its user experience?

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Leg Up SEO WA 23 May 2022

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Ken Milton 17 Jul 2022

You really nailed it in this one. An amazing article that I must commend. This piece, I will say, gives a lead-in to SEO. You were able to cover the basics, but I suggest a step-by-step walkthrough will be more beneficial to your audience as it will guide them in implementing it on their own properties. I hope you don't mind checking out a similar SEO post I published with a step-by-step walkthrough. My kind regards.

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Kamil Krystman 04 Oct 2022

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Raviraj 13 Oct 2022

Digital marketing is an important part of any company’s online presence. It allows companies to connect with their customers in a more interactive and personal way, by creating unique digital content that can be consumed on the web or through other media.

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Raviraj 13 Oct 2022

Digital marketing is an important part of any company’s online presence. It allows companies to connect with their customers in a more interactive and personal way, by creating unique digital content that can be consumed on the web or through other media.

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Haroshit Baidya 17 Oct 2022

Great Article. Total topics regarding SEO have been covered nicely. Thanks for the stuff. Keep on sharing.

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