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Cloud Computing with Azure app service

12 Mar , 2021

In this blog we will know about need of cloud computing and Microsoft azure app service.

Azure App Service Cloud

10 years back, companies were storing everything in-house i.e. on their own servers. But over the years with internet speed becoming better, people discovered a new way to store everything, the "Cloud" way! The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud Computing is a technology uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access.

Drawbacks of Private servers:
1) The setup is expensive
2) Servers remain Idle most of the time
3) Difficult Troubleshoot

To overcome these drawbacks cloud computing come in role with following benefits:

  •  No more buying expensive servers
  •  Completely scalable according to traffic on your website or load of web app
  •  Server managed by cloud provider
  •  Option open for choosing right cloud for the right workload

Cloud computing types are service deployment models which let you choose the level of control over your information and types of services you need to provide. There are three main types of cloud computing services, sometimes called the cloud computing stack because they build on top of one another.

  •  The first cloud computing type is infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which is used for Internet-based access to storage and computing power. The most basic category of cloud computing types, IaaS lets you rent IT infrastructure - servers and virtual machines, storage, networks and operating systems - from a cloud provider on a pay-as- you-go basis.
  •  The second cloud computing type is platform-as-a-service (PaaS) which gives developers the tools to build and host web applications. PaaS is designed to give users access to the components they require to quickly develop and operate web or mobile applications over the Internet, without worrying about setting up or managing the underlying infrastructure of servers, storage, networks and databases.
  •  The third cloud computing type is software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is used for web- based applications. SaaS is a method for delivering software applications over the Internet where cloud providers host and manage the software applications making it easier to have the same application on all of your devices at once by accessing it in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure app service provides mainly three categories of products and services:
1) Virtual machines-Choose your language, workload and operating system

  •  Get more choice
  •  Scale to what you need
  •  Pay only for what you use
  •  Enhance security and compliance

2) Cloud Services- Create highly available, scalable applications and APIs

  •  Focus on apps, not hardware
  •  Deploy applications using any language like .NET, java, PHP…
  •  Test your apps before deploying them
  •  Auto scale to optimize cost and performance

3) App Service-Build, deploy and scale web apps on a fully managed platform

  •  Take control with a fully managed platform
  •  Host your apps with confidence
  •  Easily build powerful web apps and APIs

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