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Top Web Development trends in 2021

Mar 22, 2021

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Ready to innovate and jump in trend with your latest web app in 2021. The pandemic and work from home had made more minds clear for adopting latest technology and online trends to be in race. In a highly competitive and digital transforming market, it is very important to anticipate changes and learn how to adapt to them.

Focus on new developments as per target customer requirements, startup ideas are trending, so we should focus on evolving technologies. So have a look on top web development trends of 2020 which can boost up your business:


1. Voice Search Optimization
Hello Google, you must have heard of this many times now-a-days. Voice search is latest feature of apps or search engines we are experiencing. Smart phones and gadgets are already occupied the technology and available with the voice search feature. Instead of typing, search with voice feature is very easy comparatively. Flexibility of language options made this method of communication easier for children and elders. Voice search is one of the main trends in e-commerce apps. Increasing graph of voice search optimized apps is taking the trend to must be feature side. It is compatible with desktop version, mobile version of website, mobile app.

2. Serverless Applications and Architecture
It is hard to imagine for non techie persons to run their application without servers. But this emerging trend can avoid the issues of overloading, data loss or costly management. Major leaders like AWS were recently built as a serverless cloud-computing execution model. According to the concept, regular servers could be replaced by clouds that manage machine resource consumption.

3. Multi Experience
The app development evolved with desktop, smartphones, tablets and now other smart devices, vehicles, smartwatches all are connected with one user and multi experience. A new generation of wireless technology benefits in speedy transmissions.

4. Data Security
As the technology is evolving, hacking and security threat is increasing rapidly. To save your reputation and internal company information web service security norms are becoming priority. For this your web app development should process through security testing at each stage. Use website monitoring tools. Encrypt sensitive data.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Bots
AI and bots are in trend in US and other developed countries but India is not untouched from it. Big organizations are already using it and making it implement on big level. Bots will be able to replace support managers and save manpower cost for many companies. This will also save infrastructure cost for set up of customer care centre. In coming years Bots will become self learning and will match user’s needs and behavior more precisely. Other important benefits of AI based bots are problem solving potential, human like support experience and accuracy in potential results

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