How to develop Best ERP system for your business

Apr 02, 2021

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In the era of digitalization and technology up gradation, a company can’t survive in long run without strategic planning and automotive processes. For the very reason, organization goes for integrated software solutions- “Custom ERP solutions”. Enterprise resource planning should be part of running any enterprise- Start up, small, medium or big. When you choose for a start up or acquire some running business, you have many dreams and planning in your mind, but they can all go in vain without right planning and some missteps.

For better survival companies first requirement is capital, employee and good management. Lack of any can result in failure of business someway in middle of success.

In this article, we’ll learn about the ERP definition, its benefits and steps before developing a perfect ERP system for your business.

Introduction: What is ERP system?

ERP systems have been developed to regulate and automate business processes that impact the business performance. It is the process of integrating various parts of business unified for efficient management.

Its architecture is very easy to understand and use as employees at different level can access only the modules assigned to them and Top management/administrator can view and edit all the processes from the one software. This process results in productivity, security and accuracy.

ERP software functions

  •  Customer Relationship Management
  •  Manufacturing resource planning
  •  Human resource management
  •  Financial management
  •  Internal office management
  •  Inventory management

ERP software benefits

  •  Efficiency
    The ERP system will provide an ease to eliminate manual operations, easily gather data, and streamline business processes within the organization.
  •  Customer service
    Offering simple access to customers’ data, a complete ERP system enhances the overall quality of customer support.
  •  Integrated Information
    ERP software allows you to total all your data in one single location, helping to keep it consistent and latest. It helps in improved internal communication.
  •  Enhanced Security
    This improves data precision and consistency and disposes data spillage threats.
  •  Comprehensive Reporting
    With ERP development services, every user of the system can generate customizable reports easily. So, you can access and analyze data faster than ever to make important business decisions more rapidly
  •  Real Time Picture
    A custom ERP gives real time picture of all the company’s operations that helps in simplified decision-making and analyzing performance


Industry Specific ERP solutions you can trust:

Every organization has different set of requirements and challenges. To overcome this challenge they require a custom ERP solution that can automate their business process and yield the desires outcome. We are proficient to develop custom ERP software for various industries as but not limited to:

  •  Transportation and Logistics
  •  Travel and Hospitality
  •  Retail and e-commerce
  •  Automotive,
  •  Manufacturing and Construction
  •  Schools and Institutes
  •  Education and Media

Custom ERP software Development: Key steps and processes

The process of developing your own ERP system is quite complicated but it’s worth for long runs of successful business. For custom ERP web app development, a consolidated vision of your company’s strategy is required. Below is the brief roadmap for custom ERP development for your business.

Define your Goals
This stage is most crucial and important for ERP system. Every business should go for deep analysis of business requirements within and outside the company. Important stakeholders and employees should suggest in defining goal of ERP. Third major role is of your IT partner who can better understand the streamline process and ensure you realistic and achievable expectations

ERP Development blueprint
Prepare a detailed document with detailed information, structure and needed resources for the development.

Project timeframe and cost analysis
Figure out the timeframe and cost of development with your ERP development team or company. It gives an estimate of budget and future planning for cost and output analysis.

Project wireframes and Development
Select the programming language, technical requirements as hosting, database and other wireframes before development.

Test the ERP’s functionality in terms of initial security, integration with different modules and desired results.

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