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5 reasons you must use Pinterest for business

29 Jul , 2021

It’s high time to understand the importance of social media marketing for your business. Social media is not the same as in earlier decades. It has multi-facets, platforms, and importance now. To step up your social media strategy, you must start using Pinterest for business.

Why? Because Pinterest is a social media platform to showcase your brand and business to niche marketplace and get high engagements.  As per recent statistics, Pinterest has 470 million monthly active users worldwide, seeking and sharing information in different media formats. With a source of household income to the ability of strong spending power by the audience is awaiting your business introduction.

5 reasons why you should use Pinterest for business

  • It drives traffic
  • Get more inbound links from pins
  • High user engagement
  • Easy to discover about what your audience love
  • High chances of sales conversion

How does it work?

Pinterest is a social network where you can share your business products/services/updates through a pin. A pin can be in form of image, video, carousel, and text-loaded infographics. A pin is linked with the destination URL where you can find more information about the product or service. Potential customers can find a contact number or order online links by clicking on the image and make a purchase. It’s not necessary that every pin is created for sales, it increases brand awareness. People save your pins and follow you that give them notifications about the latest updates through emails and their Pinterest accounts. This is how pins lead to drive traffic to your website or mobile app.

When using Pinterest for business, always include a relevant link to your website page or blog post. For example- If you are posting a pin of the latest shoe arrival but it is referring to a clothes store, it will disappoint customers. So businesses should try to provide appropriate information through pins. It reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion and makes it a great source for lead conversion.

Great platform for Organic traffic

Your pins are able to bring outbound links that help in organic SERP rankings as well. Pins must have a catchy appearance, right dimension, catchy headline, and right link destination. The right title will make your pins search-friendly. It is a great platform to add your links as compared to other social media platforms that make it more viable for business marketing. Quality images and short informative videos are very powerful in social media.

Ease to discover your target audience interest

Searching the latest trend on Pinterest is very easy. The latest trend and follow someone back gives you inspiration about pin creation. Grab the opportunity and showcase the pins as per the user’s behavior and interests. Having a look as per demographic distribution, the biggest interest areas on Pinterest are from fashion, interiors, travel, and the auto industry. If you haven’t driven into it as a part of your business marketing strategy, create a new business account today. Find your target audience on the platform and find a chance to reach potential customers every time.

How to create a Pinterest business account?

New to Pinterest? Not to worry. Create a Pinterest account for your business profile in simple steps.

If you have already a personal account by name of your business, convert it into a business account. If not, then go to Pinterest for business and join as a business. Fill in all necessary credentials and create your account. Start with creating pins and boards. Boards are broad terms to represent different sections of your business.

Reach Your business goals with Pinterest

  • Insert a Pin save button on your website to get easily discoverable
  • Present a variety of pins with rich content and high-quality image
  • Write search friendly titles for your pins
  • Run an Ad campaign to reach your target audience through your pins
  • Create a regular pinning calendar to post frequently
  • Track your pinterest metrics with business profile
  • Build a social community

So, what are you waiting for? Start pinning and showcase your brand to an engaged marketplace.


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ecphasisinfotech 08 Sep 2021

The information you give in the blog is very good.

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Eram 14 Dec 2021

Great Article

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Zoe 28 Mar 2022

What an exquisite article! Your post is very helpful right now. Thank you for sharing this informative one.

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Alma Bach 05 Jan 2023

Thanks for sharing! Very helpful, indeed. Are you using any tool for Pinterest marketing? I've started using Pinflux these days. It is an amazing tool & gets me more traffic. It is a very exciting tool and is very affordable too.

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