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Nov 01, 2021

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Businesses and their software can experience common software vulnerabilities that may hinder the effectiveness of their processes. In worst-case scenarios, it may potentially be fatal for their business' future moving forward.

In line with this, last March of 2020, hackers were able to gain access to Federal agencies and essential information like nuclear programs. The good thing: corporations such as Microsoft and the US were able to supply chains through what is now known as the Solarwinds breach. There was a breach in Solarwinds, and they later found out that it all started with their in-house software developers. They have somehow allowed a weakness in their code of routine software updates, making the breach a possibility. Hence, the Solarwinds breach of March 2020.

Now, no business would want this happening to them, so everyone sought a solution for this disruption. It turns out; one can improve business security by hiring an offshore software development company. Today, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this relevant topic. Let’s go.

What is Software Development?

Software development is vital for businesses because it helps distinguish their brand from counterparts and competitors alike. Companies become more competitive through their software, and developing it is a must. Software development can improve your client’s experiences with your brand, bring even richer features and more innovative products to the market. It can also create safer, more productive, and more efficient setups not just for your company, but more importantly, for your customers as well.

The digitization of your business information and its storage online not only saves up valuable space but also integrates and centralizes everything, so all those who need it will have easier access. In addition, it also becomes easier to protect all your vital data from outsiders.

Software Development: Why is it Important for Businesses

Nowadays, having a well-constructed platform for your business is a sure guarantor of considerable enhancements in your company’s revenue. Software development is essential for your business because:

  • It helps promote your business to the market scene. With the help of offshore partners, not only can your business reach long ranges of promotions in terms of topography and platforms, the security of your software can also be as safe since offshore software development partners have specific security measures of their own, aside from the ones you already have set up.

  • It improves the services you provide, increasing sales. Offshore partners provide a much safer and secured means of software development. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business and help improve services you provide. As a result, you will eventually see an increase in your sales.

  • It provides direct communication between your business and your clients. Hiring offshore software development partners will improve the security of your business as a whole. With the same aspect in the previous item, this would give you more time to cater to your clients in a more personal level or manner. Having direct communication with your customers would eventually strengthen both your business brand and image as well as your customer’s confidence in your services.

  • It increases the engagement your customers experience with your brand. With the security of your software in line with your business in the credible hands of your offshore partners, you are also given free time to have customer engagement. As you provide direct communication, your clients are also given the freedom to have full engagement with your brand through the services you provide. You can be at 100% in terms of focus as the offshore partners develop and secure your software, resulting in more customers engaging to your brand, eventually leading to effective marketability and profitability.

  • It aids in the marketing of your business to potential partners and investors. As you promote your brand through a credible business image strengthened by the helpful hands of your offshore software development partner, potential business partners as well as investors may come across your company, the services you provide, and eventually build new partnerships and investments that benefit your brand. Your offshore partners may also refer you to some of their existing connections, and vice versa - a win-win situation indeed for both you and your offshore software development partner.

Common Software Vulnerabilities: What are They and How to Prevent Them

Every business owner wants their customers and their brand protected from any form of harm or vulnerability. That is why it is crucial to identify and prevent software security vulnerabilities even before shipping any software. First, you need to be aware of the different kinds of security weaknesses and some ways to avoid them. The most common software vulnerabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1)  Software bugs - are errors or failures in software that can result in severe issues like information theft and system failure.

2)  Sensitive data exposure includes account numbers, addresses, financial data, health information, usernames, and passwords. All of this data must be protected and be kept from falling into the wrong hands.

3)  Injection flaws – happen when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter and a query or command that results in cyber attackers injecting malicious codes to an application.

4)  Buffer overflow – occurs when attempts made in data storage are too big for the allocated memory space.

5)  Misconfiguration of security – happens when incomplete configurations and default ones are not secure.

6)  Broken access control – user restrictions that are broken can result in severe software weaknesses.

7)  Deserialization insecurities – are used by hackers in carrying out injection attacks and DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attacks.

8)  Broken or Missing Authentication – broken authentications can enable attackers to compromise passwords or other vital information of users.

Knowing what vulnerabilities might affect your software can be essential for your business moving forward. So, here are some ways of preventing them:

  • It is an excellent practice to do test runs with your software often because this will help discover and get rid of vulnerabilities quickly. In addition, security warnings discourage software downloads, so better run some tests before anything else.

  • Regularly updating your business software ensures your software uses up-to-date components and dependencies to prevent security issues and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Defining a set of principles that developers need to follow during each software release is also helpful. This step lets developers know how to write, inspect, and demonstrate their codes, ensuring security best practices are followed.

For all of your software vulnerability concerns, hiring an offshore software development partner will definitely sort out all of this for you. They are your best option in terms of a much safer and secure software development. Being in the safe hands of offshore partners will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business as you move forward to more profitability and business success.

How to Boost Your Software and Their Business Implications

Fortunately, there are many ways and means to boost your business software or application downloads. Here are some tips and tidbits that may help increase the downloads of your software and improve the results you get from your promotion efforts.

  • Have a proper name or title and its description. It makes a massive difference between those who know about your app and someone who has it installed.

  • Digitally sign your software using code signing. This confirms the genuineness of your software and guarantees the non-corruption and non-tampering of your codes.

  • Have compelling content for your brand. Being relevant with persuasive content helps boost your software downloads and, eventually, provide more business profit.

  • Make sure to have a solid social media presence. Nowadays, having a solid social media presence means more exposure and eventual profit for your brand since most of us have accounts on different social media platforms.

  • Create crack-free software. Test your software before publishing it to sort out and remove kinks before affecting our business processes and, most significantly, our customers.

  • Read healthy and constructive reviews. Reading opinions and reviews from people outside our company can make or break the business. Make sure to filter only those helpful for your brand and learn what can be improved and refined.

Software Development: Why Choose an Offshore Partner and How Can They Help You

A lot of software development companies out there offer help and assistance for you and your business. They promise to sort out vulnerabilities and boost up your software for a more profitable outcome. But remember what happened to the Solarwinds breach. So, you need to be very particular in choosing the correct software development partner for the job. You need to partner with a company that uses stepwise development processes. They usually begin with a concept, and then they analyze parameters, eventually ending up with successful coding and final deployment. This process goes through many essential steps like data gathering, analysis, development, maintenance, error-fixing, and deployment.

With that being said, why choose an offshore partner in software development? Well, here are some of the benefits of hiring software development partners offshore:

  • You have unlimited options from a great number of talents.

  • You can easily scale your business through offshore ventures.

  • This can effectively reduce the cost for software development.

  • You can focus on other important tasks, either personal or business-related.

  • Capacity will not be an issue since they are located offshore.

  • This can open up opportunities for new projects and incentives.

If you want your business boosted to its profitable limits without any software vulnerabilities, maybe hiring an offshore software development partner like Paramount Infosystem might be the solution you are looking for! Go ahead and venture into the software development industry and who knows, this might be the option you need.

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