Google Web Stories: A Complete Guide on how to create & get benefits

Apr 11, 2022

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Social media influence on reader’s mind is changing day by day with key rule of more information in less time. Attractive visuals & catchy lines attract more to get clicked by users. That’s the reason behind tappable story experience on various platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and now in most popular search engine Google Web Stories.

What are Google Web Stories?

Catered by wider audience all over the world with approximate user data of 800 million people per month, Google came with wide placement of Web Stories format in its discover tab. The stories appearing in carousel format can be a summary of any story, or key points to narrate the abstract of it in a simplest way. Google Web Stories are powered by AMP technology and offer full screen immersive experience to users with gaining traffic on your website.

Unique Features of Google Web Stories

  • Feature of embedding it on your own site differentiate it from other story telling platforms such as Instagram or Facebook stories.
  • Blend of text, images, audio, video and animation with Call-to action button & link insertion feature
  • Act as innovative ads for your content with probability to appear soon in rich Google user database.
  • Search appearance through Google search and Google Images.
  • Helpful in leveraging SEO opportunities
  • Fast-loading format offering interactive space for user engagement
  • Fully Customizable with power of AMP documentation give flexibility in controlling every pixel, movement & unique as your brand.

Benefits of Creating Google Web Stories

A user can simply tap to see the stories further if he/she find it interesting and even you can get a click on link if the information is user specific. So, before you create your first Google Web story, think more and plan proper on the storyboard to yield an engaging content and visuals. Google Web stories form your web platform can gain prominent visibility and push through the Wide searches of Google Search platforms. Optimized with Google algorithms, the stories can show up in a variety of search results and Google index positions. To sum up the benefits of Google Web Stories:

  • These open up fresh horizons for boosting organic search and traffic
  • Fully Customizable & flexible
  • Scope of Animate your presentation for rich user experiences
  • Monetization with CTA and Google Ads
  • You always own your stories and can repurpose them easily

Now, it’s time to start creating your Own Google Web Stories

Web stories or Visual stories can be created by coding. You just need a coding engineer familiar with AMP framework. Are you getting perplexed? Not to worry. Get your unique and brand oriented custom Web stories for your website from us. If that also not suits you, go for readymade tool of creating Web stories by Google Plug-In, Wordpress or Shopify.

Market solutions are easily available but with limited options. Maybe you have to take paid subscriptions to get ad feature from Google or paid panel to access the rich library of image license holders.

With Custom development of Google Web Stories, you have to just create your web stories creation panel and a graphic designer to prepare your image library. Content and pitch are always your part to insert beautifully to attract viewers.

Custom Google Web Stories Done By Paramount Infosystem

Our latest work done for one of our travel client-

With easy to create, optimize and publish features in their CRM make their Google Web Stories creation very easy and Customized. With Google Analytics tool integration, they can easily momitor and analyze the web traffic on their stories. With full scope of customization,they present different stories to their niche customers. With SEO optimized content, they are gaining visitors analytics not just then ever before. Contact us for customized web development, web stories, software solution for your dream project.

Custom Travel Web Stories

How To create Web Stories

Create Web Stories in five simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a visual editor (custom/ tool)

Step 2: Draft the story with content and images, CTA

Step 3: Set the optimization tags

Step 4: Create the Web Story

Stap 5: Publish the Web Story

Google Web Stories Ad Opportunities

Ultimate goal of any content creator to reach the audience mindset and sell their product/service. This platform can also be used as sponsored ads or landing on website with CTA buttons or inserting links to landing pages, product pages. Just be alert of following the compliances and guidelines by Google. It can act as a funnel to your product page but it is not really that. Google may take action against publishers who will try to abuse the Web Stories Format with showing little content & teasing users to click on their regular website.

To Wrap Up

Web Stories are new channel for Organic traffic with less common among competitors. Grab the advantage of creating brand awareness through the new format of acquiring visibility & traffic. You can’t ignore the new fast-loading Google story format as it has a major role in growing your online reputation and build trust with your customers.

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